Troubleshooting: Why is my campaign not sending emails?

Why isn't my Campaign sending?

There may be a number of reasons why a Campaign in QuickMail isn't sending any messages.

Here's a list of the most common reasons why the campaign is not sending, and how to get them sorted!

There's no prospect added yet to the campaign

Prospects must be added to the campaign to be able to send emails. To see if there are prospects added to the campaign, head to the campaign list and see the number of active journeys.

There are several ways to add prospects to a campaign. Check out these guides on how to get started:

  1. Manually Adding Prospects
  2. Automate Adding Prospects using Buckets & Schedules

Schedules were created at the same time it will trigger

If Buckets & Schedules were created to automate adding prospects to a campaign, note that it may take some time for the system to sync newly created or updated Schedules. So there must be atleast 15 minutes allowance when creating or updating the Schedules.

For example, if you would like to add prospects to the campaign at 8 AM, Schedules must be created 15 minutes before 8 AM. Otherwise, prospects will be added the next day or based on the next available Schedule.

The campaign is paused

After creating a Campaign, it needs to be set to Live before any messages will send from it.
The name of the paused campaign will appear in yellow

Additionally, on the Campaign list, it will have a badge that says Paused on the right side.

To set the Campaign to go Live, head to the Campaign and use the Review button in the top-right corner. Then, click the Go Live button on the next page.

The inbox needs to be reauthenticated

QuickMail may have lost access to your Inbox, requiring it to be re-authorized. To tell if inbox permission is lost, head to Settings > Inboxes. If your Inbox appears in red, it needs reauthorization.

To re-authorize Google or Microsoft inboxes, simply select the inbox and click "Continue with Google or Microsoft".

On the other hand, to re-authorize custom inboxes, simply go to Settings > inboxes > Select Inbox > Sending/Receiving > Test receiving

There's no email step created

An email step must be created to be able to send emails from the campaign. If there's no email step created, the journey of the prospect will run into an error.

To create an email step, go to the campaign > Steps > Add a Step

The inbox was paused

An inbox won't be able to send emails if it's paused. To see if an inbox is paused, the font color of the inbox will be yellow.

To unpause the inbox, head to Settings > inboxes > select inbox > Sending tab > uncheck the box "pause from sending emails"

Prospect(s) have an error in their Journey

If a Campaign is unable to process a Prospect's Journey, it'll display an Error Running badge next to the Prospect in the Journeys tab. Mouse over the badge, and QuickMail will tell you what the problem is:

In this case, there's a Condition applied to the first Step that the Prospect who has started the Campaign does not meet the requirements for.

Here are some other examples of why a Prospect may have an error running:
* The Inbox the Prospect started the Journey with has been removed from QuickMail
* The Step the Prospect is on has been edited/deleted
* QuickMail could not send via the custom SMTP settings for the Inbox
There are other possible reasons as well. The tooltip when you hover your mouse over the badge will tell the tale.

Once the issue is solved, you can simply resume journeys and they should continue to the next steps without any problems.

Here's a quick guide on resuming journeys.

The inbox is sending emails from multiple campaigns

Emails are sent on a first-come-first-go basis.

This means that whichever email goes into the send queue, will be the first email to send out.

So if an inbox is sending from multiple campaigns, other campaigns may be on the start of the send queue.

So your campaign that is not sending might be waiting for other campaigns to send before it can send emails.

If the goal is to prioritize a campaign, simply pause all other campaigns and that will remove their send queue from the inbox.

Here's a quick guide on how to pause campaigns.